intelliFISH Solution

intelliFISH Universal Pretreatment for Solid Tumors

The Universal Pretreatment Kit is designed and manufactured to work on all types of formalin-fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) samples and subsequent staining of any Abbott (Vysis) Probe.

This kit will eliminate;

  • The use of multiple pretreatment kits (up to 3 kits) due to;
    • Different tissues types
    • Different Probe testing
    • Different protocols and incubation steps

08N85-005  intelliFISH Universal FFPE Tissue Pretreatment Kit  50 Tests

intelliFISH Fast Hybrization Buffer

The Fast Hybridization Buffer is designed and manufactured to work with any LSI probe from Abbott (Vysis) that is a concentrated format.

The fast hyb buffer offers;

  • Variable Hybridization time (2 - 18 Hours)
    • Decrease TAT of patient results for STAT testing.
    • Increase flexibility for sample processing (16hr down to 2hr) allowing the laboratory to set the workflow that works best for their laboratory.
  • Increased or Equivalent Probe Signal Intensity
    • Reduction in repeat testing and quicker analysis time with equivalent or enhanced probe signal.

08N87-001  Fast Hybridization Buffer  1 x 250uL

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