Clinical Biochemistry

NOVA View Digital IFA Analyzer

As part of the Integrated Autoimmune Laboratory, Werfen offers a fully automated digital imaging system that reads and archives images of IFA-stained slides. Nova View creates a new paradigm for automating the way ANA HEp-2, ANCA, dsDNA and IFA tissue slides are analyzed. Step confidently into the future of digital IFA testing with NOVA View.

A fully automated IFA microscope – combined with an intelligent digital imaging system – that reads, interprets, and archives images of barcoded IFA-stained slides

Reduces hands-on time
– Automated focus, interpretation, and recording of IFA slides help increase productivity by reducing time expended on manual operations

Supports standardization
– Onboard digital imaging helps standardize interpretation of IFA-stained slides
– May help maximize the accuracy of classification
– Delivers more objective results

 Prompts appropriate analysis
– Completes an initial review and analysis of all samples in each run
– Classifies samples and identifies wells of interest for further study
– Helps staff focus time and effort on slides requiring closer scrutiny

Facilitates case review
– Creates high-quality digital images and stores them in an onboard database for electronic medical record / for patient result report / for current or future case review

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