Cell-Free DNA and Circulating Tumour Cell Blood Collection Tubes...manufactured by the experts in stabilization...



Abbott (Vysis) intelliFISH...experience refined workflows and faster turn around times for FISH testing.      

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alk fishHistoCyte Laboratories Ltd is developing a range of analyte controls for same-slide use in histopathology. HistoCyte Laboratories Ltd has developed a unique approach that has allowed them to manufacture high density cell blocks composed of any cell line. 

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Total automation for your Blood Bank laboratory...erytra

Grifols Diagnostics offers a completly scalable and compatible solution for any size Blood Bank Laboratory.  The solution includes the Manual Workstation with patient traceablity, the wadiana, a fully automated, compact instrument, and the Erytra, a fully automated, high throughput, high capacity system.

    centrifuge   incubator    reader    wadiana    

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integrated lab inova

INOVA offers a complete portfolio of instrumentation seamlessly connected by a central data management system that efficiently integrates the autoimmune laboratory’s functional testing areas to increase productivity, improve sample integrity, optimize quality control and generate overall cost reductions.




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