SPIFE NEXUS- Gel electrophoresis

Welcome to the new era of walkaway automation for gel electrophoresis! Just load samples and supplies, press start and return later for a scanned, finished gel. Everything is automated even Antisera application when needed. The new SPIFE Nexus is designed to fully automate our complete menu of SPIFE zone electrophoresis assays including: SPE, immunofixation, cholesterols, hemoglobins and more. The SPIFE Nexus will perform both enzymatic as well as directly stained assays for any size workload and automatically apply antisera for immunofixation.

– Load start and run from primary tubes
– Performs all the needed sample dilutions and loads samples into trays for application.
– Full automation and traceability
– Auto sampling and application
– Revolutionary Antisera application process
– Gel scanning on board and automatic integrated reporting with historical data.
– Ready to use stains

– Throughput: up to 500 SPEs per shift, 15 IFE profiles in 90 min, flexible gel format 1-100 SPE per gel
– Test menu: Split-Beta Proteins & ImmunoFix
Hemoglobins (alkaline and Acid) & other tests to come (Pending Health Canada Approval)
– Dimensions: 41″ (104.1 cm) H x 31″ (78.8 cm) W x 29″ (53.3 cm) D
– Total weight: ~200 lbs (~90 kg)

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