Clinical Biochemistry

BÜHLMANN Quantum Blue 3rd Generation Reader

The Quantum Blue® 3rd generation is a state-of-the-art camera based lateral flow test cassette reader. It uses the latest image analysis technology. The touch screen allows for an intuitive user interface with easy step-by-step tutorial screens. The interface offers the connection to Laboratory and Hospital Information Systems (LIS/HIS).

Quantum Blue Calprotectin Assays Calprotectin is the best marker to discriminate between organic (IBD) and non-organic bowel disease (IBS). Calprotectin is a reliable indicator of inflammation in several pathologies. Patients suffering from IBS do not have increased fecal calprotectin values. Fecal calprotectin concentrations, as measured by the BÜHLMANN calprotectin assays, are significantly elevated in patients with IBD and correlate well with endoscopic and histological assessment of disease activity.

Quantum Blue Lateral Flow Assays Quantum Blue fCAL Extended Range / Quantum Blue fCAL High Range

Quantum Blue Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Assays Over the past two decades great improvements in therapy of chronic inflammatory diseases have been made. The rise of TNFα biologics like adalimumab and infliximab has been a great step forward to ameliorating disease course and keep inflammations at remission levels for prolonged periods of time. Patients with suboptimal drug concentrations have worse outcomes than those with adequate drug levels. Therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) for adalimumab and infliximab has a great potential for the management of anti TNF therapy.

Quantum Blue Lateral Flow Assays Quantum Blue Infliximab / Quantum Blue Anti-Infliximab / Quantum Blue Adalimumab / Quantum Blue Anti-Adalimumab

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