Transfusion Medicine

MaxQ MaxPlus Coolers

MaxQ’s high quality, versatile coolers and storage solutions are the only products on the market that are purpose built for internal transport and storage of blood products within your facility, or external transport or shipping between facilities. Their durable plastic construction allows for many repeated uses, resulting in ecologically-sound and easy-to-disinfect coolers. MaxQ’s blood coolers are pre-qualified, providing you with confidence in their performance – extensive qualification documents are provided with every unit. Protect precious, expensive-to-produce blood products, and give ‘peace of mind’ to your Blood Bank.


– Multi-use cooler provides flexibility for hospital transfusion service needs
– Ideal solution for packed red blood cells, whole blood, plasma, even tissues or organs
– Durable plastic construction, long lasting and easy to sanitize
– Strong and practical side handles for easy transport, with optional integrated trolley
– One-step gel pack conditioning – no bench conditioning or multi-step conditioning required

– Capacity: 2 to 10 units of refrigerated red blood cells or plasma
– Qualified to maintain temperature between 1 and 6oC for up to 24 hours
– Includes 3 refrigerated gel packs, 2 frozen gel packs and carrying strap
– Optional integrated trolley with retractable handle for convenient transport over long distances

Product size: 13,25″ x 13,25″ x 13,25″, 13,3 lb

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