Helena V8 Nexus Capillary Product

The V8 Nexus features eight capillaries and six on-board reagent positions that enable full multi-assay functionality and high throughput. A superior sample handling system allows continuous loading of samples with auto-dilutions and auto-preparation of SPIFE sample trays for additional testing by gel electrophoresis.

– Efficient, walkaway automation with full capillary and gel integration
– User-scheduled auto maintenance and auto capillary conditioning
– Intuitive V8 system software with gel integration capabilities
– Auto-dilutions of samples for reflex testing by IFE-gel with SPIFE instruments
– Continuous loading
– Ability to run urine and serum protein simultaneously
– Remote access capabilities powered by intuitive software

– 8 capillaries
– Loading : 14 sample rack or 8 primary tubes for 112 specimens
– Sensitivity: Detection of Serum Proteins at 20.8 mg/dL
– Assays / throughput / tests per kit: Serum Protein 6-band – 48/hr, Immunodisplacment – 14/hr – 50
– Dimensions: 35.2″ (width) × 26.8″ (depth) × 26.8″ (height) • 895 mm (width) x 680 mm (depth) x 680 mm (height)
– Weight: 159 lbs. / 72 kg

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