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The ProtoFluor Z instrument for measuring zinc protoporphyrin is easy to use. The operator simply inserts the sample holder containing the sample into the instrument, then presses the measure button. The ZPP value is displayed on the LED and can be reported in -mol ZPP/mol Heme (ratio of ZPP to heme), µg/dL whole blood at a 42% hematocrit or µg/dL whole blood at a 35% hematocrit. The ProtoFluor method is inexpensive, requires only one drop of whole blood, and takes only seconds to perform, making it an ideal screening test.

ProtoFluor Reagent Kit and Accessories
2000 – ProtoFluor Reagent Kit

Kit Includes:
2 x 15 mL ProtoFluor Reagent, 2 x 125 ProtoFluor Coverslips, 1 x 2.5 mL ProtoFluor Calibrator-Low, 1 x 2.5 mL ProtoFluor Calibrator-High.

ProtoFluor Reagent stabilizes hemoglobin so that it has the same spectral characteristics as fully oxygenated hemoglobin. Stabilization prevents false low results obtained with deoxygenated hemoglobin and eliminates stirring or other manual methods for oxygenating samples.

The ProtoFluor Calibrators are stable solutions of zinc protoporphyrin and heme. ProtoFluor Calibrator-High is used to calibrate the instrument and ProtoFluor Calibrator-Low is used to verify the calibration. Calibration requires only a few seconds and adjustments in calibrations are accomplished by simultaneously pressing two control buttons on the front panel of the instrument.

Coverslips are specifically manufactured and processed from low fluorescing glass. All items in the ProtoFluor Reagent kit are available separately.

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