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Grifols Manual Blood Typing Solution

A group of benchtop devices designed for the manual processing of DG Gel cards. Start setting up your lab with the essentials and get a scalable gel card processing platform for low sample volume laboratories or as a backup system for laboratories using a Grifols fully automated system. Use the same universal reagents across this manual solution, semi-automated and fully automated instrumentation from Grifols.

DG Work Station
– Aluminum support with 2 modules for DG Gel® cards and sample tubes, and two racks for reagents
– The reagent racks have positions for the dropper caps
– Capacity : 16 DG Gel® cards, 2 bottles of DG Gel® Sol, 8 vials of reagents (5 and 10 ml), 32 dilution tubes (0 – 13 mm) and 16 sample tubes (0 – 16 mm)
– Adaptable to suit both left-handed and right-handed operators
– Removable, easy to store racks (4°C)

DG Therm Incubator
– 2 independent incubation zones with a capacity for 12 DG Gel® cards and 12 test tubes in each zone.
– Digital user interface screen for control and visualization of remaining incubation time and real temperature for each zone.
– Digital display of the real-time temperature
– Fixed pre-set temperature of 37°C.
– Pre-set incubation time of 15 minutes, which can be adjusted by the user.
– Audible programmable alarm to notify end of incubation period.
– Visual and audible indication of any error or power failure.
– Quick procedure guide included.

DG Spin Centrifuge
– Simultaneous centrifuge of up to 24 DG Gel® cards.
– Removable and exchangeable spinning head.
– Pre-defined centrifugal parameters for optimum DG Gel® card processing: acceleration, speed, braking and time.
– Digital user interface visor for control and visualization of centrifuge speed and time remaining for processing.
– Programmable audible alarms for end of centrifugal time periods.
– Visual and audible indication of any error or power failure.
– Imbalance system detects incorrect placement of DG Gel® cards on the spinning head.

Product specifications:

DG Work Station
Depth: 34 cm
Width: 55.5 cm
Height: 75 cm

DG Incubator
Depth: 33 cm
Width: 31 cm
Height: 10 cm
Weight: 4kg

DG Centrifuge
Depth: 52.5 cm
Width: 41 cm
Height: 18 cm
Weight: 9kg

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