Helena SPIFE Touch Series-Gel

Smaller. Faster. Touch Screen. Versatile.. SPIFE Touch builds on the proven track record of the SPIFE agarose gel electrophoresis analyzer. SPIFE Touch can handle a full menu of assays meeting the needs of most laboratories, even those with the highest volumes and most complex patient populations. The SPIFE touch and be complemented with a sample handler module and also includes the QUICKScan Touch Plus for added convenience or fully integrated with the V8 Nexus-capillary for a comprehensive diagnosis process.

– Touch screen interface with external QuickScan Touch Densitometry and Data Management
– Efficient staining and reagent application
– Integrates seamlessly with the V8 Nexus-Capillary through comprehensive software
– Peltier temperature control
– Auto application of enzymatic reagents
– Full menu of gels and sizes
– Positive patient ID of patient samples and electrophoresis gel
– SPE and UPE on same gel
– Complementary ESH Touch system provides automated front end specimen processing with positive patient ID and 100 samples capacity.

– Size gels: SPE and UPE (100-80-60-40-20-10), IFE (15-9-6-3)
– Test menu: SPE, UPE, IFE Hemoglobins, Cholesterol, IgG IEF, Alk Hg, Hgb IEF, Acid Hgb, CK/LD Isoenzyme, Alkaline phosphatase, Lipoprotein
– Dimensions: 24″ (61 cm) H x 39″ (99 cm) W x 30″ (76 cm) D
– Total weight : 78 lb. (35 kg)

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