Transfusion Medicine

Grifols DG Reader Net

In addition to the manual devices, this digital reader adds a level of automation for interpreting DG Gel card test results.

Product features:

Increase safety with computer assisted card reading and full traceability
– Standardization: Erytra® and Erytra Eflexis® utilize the same multi-functional (CCD) camera and integrated PC with touchscreen interaction
– External communication port for error reporting
– Complete traceability – Users, Analyzer, All reagents and Cards, User modifications
– Reduce transcription errors – auto-upload of results to the LIS
– Fast ID by Integrated barcode reader for samples, reagents, and solutions
– 100% use of the well cards – Combine different cards to perform a test
– Remote connection via http protocol which allows the validation and access to database remotely
– DG Gel card reading and interpretation

Product dimensions:
Depth: 28.6cm
Width: 43.9cm
Height: 40.6cm
Weight: 8.5kg

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