MedicoDx ™ Strep-Select Grouping Kit

The MedicoDx™ Streptococcal-Select grouping method involves chemical extraction of group specific carbohydrate antigens using specially developed nitrous acid extraction reagents. MedicoDx™ Streptococcal-Select Grouping Kit provides a rapid method for the serological identification of groups A, B, C, D, F and G of the Lancefield groups of beta-hemolytic streptococci grown on agar plates. Each kit is sufficient for 65 streptococcal grouping tests. Materials are supplied ready for use. To inquire more about this product, please contact us.

Product features:
– Rapid. Accurate results in one minute at room temperature
– Sensitive. As little as one colony required
– Convenient. All colour-coded reagents are ready-to-use and control included
– Easy-to-Read. Blue particles on a white raised reaction card
– Flexible. Group selections are tailored to customers needs. No wasted reagents
– Economical. Additional bulk packaging for Extraction reagents sets available

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