Helena Aggregation

Tags: Hemostasis
The AggRAM turbidimetric analyzer couples four-channel laser optic modules and a easy to use interface with a complete line of premium quality reagents for PRP aggregation and ristocetin cofactor testing

AggRAM – Advanced Modular System The AggRAM, for platelet aggregation and ristocetin cofactor testing offers unsurpassed precision, ease of use and flexibility. AggRAM couples four-channel laser optic modules with a powerful Windows interface. Up to two modules can be run per Remote Analyzer computer, providing up to eight channels to handle your workload. Unlike the tungsten lamp optics of old, the AggRAM uses a laser diode to provide beautiful precision across all channels. Advanced optics coupled with an improved algorithm for slope calculation greatly improve precision for ristocetin cofactor testing. Upon start-up, AggRAM performs a laser balance check to ensure reproducibility day to day, year to year.

Data Handling Features Automatically calculates slope and max % aggregation; displays and print lag phase; automatically calculates curves and smooths; reference overlay.

Customized Reports Includes data from one channel or four, one patient or the whole run; pulls from data archives to profile patient results over time.

Quality Control Evaluates and charts QC for ristocetin cofactor based on Westgard rules; generates Levy-Jennings charts, standard curves, etc with an integral action log.

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