Clinical Biochemistry

Helena ColoScreen and ColoScreen-ES

ColoScreen & ColoScreen-ES are guaiac slide tests for the qualitative detection of fecal occult blood. They are useful aids in the diagnosis of a number of gastrointestinal disorders.

Product description

ColoScreen offers traditional guaiac slide testing at a price and quality you can’t beat.
• Convenient single or triple slides
• Tape form for in-clinic digital exams
• Quality assurance monitors with every test

With ColoScreen-ES, a vivid blue color quickly develops, in the presence of blood improving readability for easy to interpret results.
• Enhanced sensitivity to blood in the stool
• Vivid color development for improved readability
• Convenient packaging
• Positive and negative monitors

Technical Specs

Traditional Coloscreen offers a sensitivity of 10 mg/g feces

ColoScreen-ES is extra sensitive with a threshold of 0.3 mg/g feces and a brighter blue color development for easier interpretation.

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