Immunohistochemistry antibodies

Tags: Pathology
Biocare Medical's core strength rests on their unsurpassed team of experts in the market of immunohistochemistry. It is their mission to develop and sell products in this arena, providing a continuous flow of novel products and relentlessly improving upon what they have already launched.

Biocare Medical’s dedicated Research & Development Team pride themselves on developing the most sensitive and highly specific antibodies, suitable for use in the anatomical pathology laboratory. Each new antibody is tested for sensitivity and specificity for the target antigen in many tissue types. All Biocare antibodies are optimized for immunohistochemical procedures for use on FFPE tissues. They are formulated to provide maximum sensitivity while concurrently minimizing the amount of background staining. Antibodies are provided in ready-to-use or concentrated formats.

New antibodies are constantly being released from Biocare with the expressed intent of providing diagnostically relevant products with superior specificity and sensitivity to the market.

Multiplex IHC is an innovative range of novel antibody cocktails that allow the pathologist to solve complex clinical problems by simplifying interpretation and increasing predictive value for the patient. With Multiplex IHC the pathologist can simutaneously test for morphologically distict markers on the same tissue section; resulting in superior diagnostic data.

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