Transfusion Medicine

Grifols Erytra

The Erytra is a fully automated, high throughput, and high-capacity instrument that performs pre-transfusion compatibility tests using gel technology. This instrument’s excellent self-organizing capacity optimally performs all the different steps needed for typing blood groups and identifying unexpected antibodies.

This instrument is an industry-leading automated solution that is optimized to quickly and efficiently carry out blood compatibility tests. Due to its multi-drawer system design, the Erytra is capable of autonomously analyzing 400 DG Gel cards in 4 hours, meaning that you can walk away from this instrument and focus on other tasks. Its touch screen interface is simple to navigate and requires little training for laboratory staff.

Product features:
– 400 DG Gel® cards processed in 4 hours
– True walk-away instrument with non-stop autonomy of up to 4 hours
– DG Gel® racks load directly on to the Erytra® multi-drawer system without interruption.
– Sample and reagent racks can be placed interchangeably in the drawers
– Accepts any type of tube including pediatric and tubes with plungers
– STAT processing
– Touch screen interface
– Minimal training required for laboratory staff – simply load, select and process
– Erytra® automatically performs a series of controls during sample processing
– Environmentally friendly – uses every well on the card therefore reducing waste

Product Specifications:
Maximum throughput: 100 cards/hour (800 results/hour)1
Full ABO/Rh blood group typing: 66 samples/hour2
Antibody screening (I, II, III, IV): 147 samples/hour
Throughput depends on the profiles being processed:

54 reagents: 36 agitated, 12 non-agitated and 6 diluents (non-agitated reagents can be extended to 48)
96 samples: 4 drawers x 2 racks x 12 positions
400 DG Gel® cards
Washing solutions:
8 L DG Fluid A solution (extendable to 16 L)*
8 L DG Fluid B solution (extendable to 16 L)*
*With optional direct drainage to laboratory

Depth: 70 cm
Width: 110 cm
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 350 kg

Voltage: 100-240 V ~
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Maximum consumption: 600 W

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