Transfusion Medicine

Grifols Erytra Eflexis

With Grifols knowledge and expertise, we create comprehensive and scalable blood typing systems that feature flexibility and intuitive operations and allow your lab to efficiently type patients and identify the best donor match. The Erytra® Eflexis is the natural evolution in Grifols' scalable blood typing solutions with a new fully automated, mid-size analyzer designed to perform the pretransfusion compatibility tests with DG Gel® technology and a smart and compact design for intuitive operations. The Erytra Eflexis® continuous access and flexible performance allows adapting to different workflow needs making your daily work easier and more efficient.

Product features:

Employ highly flexible performance to optimize your lab
– Process status indicator traffic light
– External touchscreen can be placed on either side of the instrument
– Two in One – Two different lab configurations in a single instrument through the unique interchangeable sample and reagent lineal racks, automatically recognized by the system
– Excellent capacity of cards and samples for a mid-size analyzer, depending on the system configuration
– Flexible incubators management is available depending on the requested tests
– True continuous loading of cards, reagents, and samples

Reduce hands-on time with an intuitive user-friendly experience
– Minimal training is required to interact with the easy-to-use external touchscreen
– Minimal maintenance
-Remote access for results validation and after-sales support remote connection

Improve daily workloads and efficiency easily
– Multiple lab configurations as well as different multi-site health networks can be tailored – the system can be easily used alone or connected to other Erytra Eflexis or Erytra units
– Always sharing the same: our latest generation software suit, sample holders, convenient Grifols universal reagents
– Grifols exclusive simultaneous perforations and dispensing technology for 100% use of the cards

Product Specifications:

Maximum throughput: 50 cards/hour (400 results/hour)1
Full ABO/Rh blood group typing: 35 samples/hour2
Antibody screening (I, II, III, IV): 72 samples/hour
Type & Screen: 23 samples/hour3
Throughput depends on the profiles being processed:

46 reagents: 34 agitated, 10 non-agitated and 2 diluents
72 samples: 3 drawers x 2 racks x 12 positions
200 DG Gel® cards
Washing solutions:
6 L DG Fluid A solution (extendable to 12 L)*
6 L DG Fluid B solution (extendable to 12 L)*
*With optional direct drainage to laboratory

Depth: 71 cm
Width: 110 cm
Height: 91 cm
Weight: 173 kg

Voltage: 100-240 V ~
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Maximum consumption: 600 W

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