Transfusion Medicine

TempTime Val-A-Sure Kit

Simple, accurate, and consistent temperature recording system

Product features:
– Simple, accurate, and consistent temperature recording system
– Automated temperature recorders require minimal ‘hands-on’ time
– Assists in validation of Blood Bank temperature regulation procedures
– Flexible configuration can be tailored to any size of Blood Bank
– Suggested procedures provided for validation of Blood Product Coolers/Temperature Indicators
– Easy-to-follow training videos
– Easily adapted to validate other temperature regulation procedures: vaccines, pharmaceuticals, organs/tissues, etc.

Product specifications:

– Temperature monitoring kit customizable for the needs of your personal lab
– Basic kit includes: water & shock-resistant carrying case (holds up to 6 recorders/probes); USB Docking Station with data recorder software; password-protected web portal with document updates; validation SOPs, supporting documents, instructional videos (via website)
– Available components include: TRIX-8 Recorders for measuring temperature between blood bags or inside cooler; TREX-8 Recorders with Bag-Sealer probes for measuring blood bag internal core temperature; TRED-30 Recorder with LCD display, including Bag-Sealer probe

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