Rheumajet RF

Latex agglutination test on slide for the qualitative and semi-quantitative determination of Rheumatoid Factor in serum. The latex reagent is a suspension of polystyrene latex particles of uniform size coated with human gammaglobulin. Latex particles allow visual observation of the antigen-antibody reaction.

Product features:
– Rapid. Accurate results in only 2 minutes
– Accurate. Semi-Quantitative tests can be performed to calculate the analyte concentration, and the results in IU/ml based on WHO International Standards
– Sensitive. Test has a high sensitivity, detecting positive samples with 10 IU/mL of Rheumatoid Factor
– Convenient. All reagents are ready-to-use and controls included
– Easy-to-Read. Clear agglutination reaction on supplied cards
– Economical. Available in 100 Test format

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